Helping Women Launch Profitable Movements For Social Change

Hi, I’m Maryam Webster. Your Great Work as a woman & business owner is to Be the Change the World needs. You have no time to lose, and need to Play Full Out. Click the button for a free MasterClass module from my Align & Ascend: Manifest Program  to recode your Success DNA and:

● Fire your Inner Critic / Ditch limitations and excuses
● Cut quickly through what blocks you now
● Embody your Inner Wise Woman & Great Gift that you are
● Position, package and promote your Movement for Profit

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Are You A Woman Who Wants To Change the World?

If you’re not there yet, you Need Help to get to the next level… 

It can be awesome, (but also downright scary!) running a World Changing business. You’ve got mad skills, tons of experience and are already successful. You LOVE your clients and your process and lots of things have gone well. But…

You want to go further, do more, help more. You need to make more money, have more outreach, help more people.

But you’re stuck.

No matter how many courses you take, or strategies you implement, you end up not getting where you want to go, stuck at the same level & playing small. Your great dreams and the help you can give to the world and Perfect Clients who need that help, can’t find you or don’t get that you’re “the one”.

Time for a change.

You need to play FULL OUT to Help & Heal what you were put here for.
Our work together will transform what holds you back, and do it permanently.

You’ll learn to overcome the corrosive effects of Self-Criticism, transform fear into Mastery, unplug from the disempowering need for Approval and plug into your Inner Wise Woman instead. You’ll create the business plan that will be enjoyable and exciting, and you’ll develop a rock-solid Success Mindset, so you can play full-out and be the Change you want to see in the world.  

I partner with Heart-Based, Mission-Driven Women business owners to magnetize greater profits while helping people around the world. Our partnership cherishes and honors your Great Work, utilizing your unique strengths while uplifting you in all ways. And a bonus? My clients are notorious for being complete bliss freaks – our work gets you happy and keeps you there. 

Among other things we work on, you’ll learn how to:

  • How to overcome fears and the ways you stop yourself
  • How to speak your truth
  • Trust and follow your intuition
  • Learn how to set boundaries
  • Balancing your needs with the needs of others
  • Heart-based, soul-full marketing that leaves you in joy
  • How to charge what you’re worth and feel good about it


Getting your World Changing agenda to the next level? Go Bespoke!

If so, I can help & can’t wait to meet you. Let’s DO this! 

My name is Maryam Webster. I’m the author of seven books on how to transform your life and enjoy it, while changing the world. I partner with heart-based, mission-driven women business owners to magnetize greater profits while helping people around the world.

Our partnership cherishes and honors your Great Work, utilizing your unique strengths while uplifting you in all ways AND getting your Message exposed on a much wider scale for:

  • More People Reached
  • More People Helped
  • Your Mission fulfilled
  • More Profit in your pocket

You, the Evolutionary Woman Leader and Business Owner are front and center in being supported to health, happiness and following your own Bliss while deeply serving and impacting the Beloveds you were put here to love and help be their own Brilliant Evolutionary Selves.

Plus, get that book written, CD or DVD set authored, go to Paris if that’s your kick and generally rock your life as the Badass Boss Babe you truly are. I’ve been there and done all of this. Plus healed a broken back and ended a decade of lower body paralysis to walk again.

You need a Badass Mentor and Magic Wielding Resourceress at your back – just like Xena had her Gabrielle, and Cinderella had her Fairy Godmother. I am that to my adorable clients, and wave my magic wand – and show you how to swish-and-flick yours – to create the impactful, meaningful, doing-good-in-the-world life you were meant to live, with the profits that support it.

Blissfully. yet also being a brass-breasted Amazon sometimes, when called for.

I take muay thai, and while I’m not a pro, you don’t want to mess with me. I want that strength and confidence for you too, and will show you – as always, completely without judgement – where and how to get it, the way that YOU need to learn and have lessons crafted for the unique way your brain and energy system process them.

One of the perks you get working with me is Bespoke Transformation Processes. They will be unique to you, like a key to a lock only you can open. No one else will have exactly the same coding as you. Which will get you free, every time.

Interested but have questions? Apply for a Bespoke Breakthrough session with me here. You can ask anything you like, and I’ll answer it.

You can learn more about me here, and if you’re tired of struggle, wasted time, lost profits, and need AWESOME results ~ click below to have a free chat about how I can help. Click to Book a Chat