*** The 3 Most Important Business Questions To Ask Yourself ***

*** The 3 Most Important Business Questions To Ask Yourself ***

I’m sharing powerful life and business-changing lessons in my free FB Mastermind “The Changing Woman Café” (we’re in a cafe, as the winds of change depend on good cups of tea as well as food). Here’s the first part of one of the “Smack My Head – Of Course!” lessons from this week. To read the rest you’ll need to join us but it’s free, it’s all-women and you get real answers there – I make sure of it. Oh and if it’s Wednesday – join us for the Hump Day Helper Livecast at 12 noon, Pacific /3pm ET! 😉


I’ve been re-reading Tara Gentile’s “Quiet Power Strategy”. Grab a cup of tea and dig in with me – there’s a huge lesson here for us all.

If you’re a bit of an introvert, someone who has mad skills and talents that don’t fit neatly into a box, or you just need to do it your way, you’ll love “Quiet Power”. It asks two important questions that have guided me, but in the kind of work I do with my clients and myself, I’ve found there’s another, even more important.

The two important business orienteering questions Tara asks are:

* What do I want to Create?
* How do I want to Connect?

BUT…an even more important question to ask BEFORE these is:

* How do I want to Feel?

Asking “How do I want to feel?” is beginning with the end in mind.

Here’s why that’s important…

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And make sure to answer the “business soul development” question I posed at the end of the post! It will completely frame your business in an entirely new light…one that takes the pressure off, and increase your joy a hundredfold. Huzzah and welcome! 😀

Tweaking the pervasive lie “I’m not Enough” in this week’s Hump Day Helper

We’re tweaking on the whole pervasive lie of “I’m not Enough” in this Hump Day Helper: Your Midweek Tweak. Join me every Wednesday a bit past noon Pacific time at my Facebook Author Page for your virtual oasis of sanity, business help and general relaxation. See you next week!

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Basic reflexology

This is a wonderful rundown of basic reflexology. I took a refresher class in reflexology yesterday with my yoga teacher and got used as the demo model. So soothing I fell asleep! And foot reflexology is something I do every night before bed. Healthy habit!

Cognitive Dissonance

Guy at coffee condiment bar does reach-around for the cream, looks me dead in the eye and says, smiling, “So what you have to realize, is it’s not all about the metrics. Other things, like the human factor, matter just as much.” I quell the urge to be offended (since when have metrics been more important to me than the human factor? Never!), and perform a quick memory search.

Do I know this attractive young Indian gentleman with the man-bun? And is it a man-bun or is he merely an un-turbaned Sikh?

A thousand questions crowd in as he adds sugar, smiling, and says conversationally:

“I could definitely help you with that…if you’d like to mesh gears over dinner tonight.”

I fight the urge to pull age-rank on him and prepare to say “Look buddy, I don’t know what your trip is but we aren’t meshing anything anywhere…” when he does another reach-around for a napkin, pulls an earpiece out of his ear and pressing the mute, says “So sorry, didn’t mean to involve you in my conversation. Modern life. What can you do?”

Er. Let it go to voicemail and call back from the cafe bathroom like everybody else?

Feeling like a walking anachronism in a place too speeded-up for its own good…

Sacred Power Archetypes for Business & Personal Branding


Welcome To Your Sacred Power Archetypes Assessment

Humanitarian, Ruler, Alchemist or Romantic? Your likes, dislikes, the way you love to live when life is easiest and most in flow for you, points to the Sacred Power-laden Archetypes that set you apart from all your competition.

You can use your Sacred Power Archetypes to uniquely express your business in a way that causes your Perfect Clients and Customers to immediately identify with your products and services. Or, use the assessment to brand yourself personally for job interviews,

Taking this assessment, choose the rating that is closest for you for each question. The first answer that comes is usually the right one.



An Evolutionary Leader Manifesto: The Ethics To Lead, Grow & Develop Your Tribe


I wrote this on my blog in 2011 but the world was still jiggling in the middle, unsure of itself, and not quite ready. I think we’re cooked now, & Very Done. Time for a reheat.

We are in a time of transition from the old way of doing things to the New Earth spoken of by philosophers, sages and spiritual teachers. Many of us know that the old ways no longer work, that greed, exclusivity and living unconsciously are doing more harm than good.

Many of us have dedicated ourselves to finding a new way, a better way for Earth and her People.

This Manifesto is written for you — the Leaders of the Evolution.

Now is a time when more leaders of good heart and conscience are needed — more than ever before. These transformational leaders are rising — from the PTA, from the helping professions, from Buddha mechanics, to Mother Teresa-like social workers, inspired martial arts and spiritual practitioners, lay philosophers and even that helpful guy behind you in line at the store.

The word “leader” is only sometimes part of our title or official job description. We sometimes feel like a fraud because of this, but it doesn’t stop us getting our transformative message out there and changing people’s lives.


We are parents, we are professionals, we are computer nerds, yoga devotees, teachers, choir leaders, doctors, lawyers priest/esses, politicals, bloggers, literati, technorati and environmentalists. We are green, sustainable and biodiverse. We are multicultural, metaphysical, and school of hard knocks.

We are freedom fighters, and we are occasionally a little scared about being a conduit for the Big Important Message we have for the world. But we persevere in working on our own issues, and getting that message out there.

Evolutionary Leaders come from all walks of life, and are found wherever people are rising up to a better life, kinder planet, personal liberation and a sustainable future.


We have a single uniting theme: to help our planet and her many peoples grow into a more sustainable, spiritually evolved, happier and healthier state.


We do our work in small groups and large, from school to meetups to government, small circles of friends to multi-national corporations.

We are everywhere and our time is Now.


Join me in this exciting and rewarding adventure quest! Materials to help you in your Leadership are coming from all possible nooks and crannies of the internet, especially from the blogosphere (many right here on Medium), and are springing up globally in many similar places, from teachers both online, and near you.


I invite you to take the powerful step of proclaiming your Evolutionary Leadership for all to see — it puts a powerful intention out in the world that draws your perfect audience to you.


If that appeals share your wisdom widely, generously, with good heart and willing spirit. Encourage others to their best and support developing leaders. It puts you in good company. And when in doubt, use this Code of Ethics as a guide.


An Evolutionary Leader…

  1. Is collaborative, generous, inquiring, speaks well of others and maintains a professional, collegial relationship with competitors and colleagues.
  2. Is open to new streams of thought, new patterns of energy and better ways of doing things. These new and different patterns school the Evolutionary Leader in their craft, and are welcomed teachers.
  3. Is compassionate to those who “don’t get it” and is adept (or is becoming so) at the art of tailoring the message to the listener.
  4. Is compassionate towards themself first. Considers each day a blessing and the opportunity to work on self first and foremost, both an honor and a sacred duty. A truly Evolutionary Leader remembers with compassion their own need for growth and healing, especially while working with others.
  5. Is impeccable with their word, especially when it’s personally tough or may cause discomfort. Does not hide or shy away from truths painful to self or others, but works to transform them.
  6. Exemplifies generosity and abundance in thoughts, teachings, finances, personal and community health and relationships. If still in training as a Leader, focuses on getting past blockages in these areas first.
  7. Has serious mad ninja skills in their particular area of expertise, that help them help their community. Always shares these skill-set goodies widely.
  8. Gives credit where it is due, while supporting group evolution. Works to magnify and extend others’ best efforts. Shines a light on others’ good works gladly, and nurtures new leadership.
  9. Empowers the weakest to grow, not acting as a crutch, but also not leaving anyone behind. We all get out of here alive, and thriving — together.
  10. Keeps the pace of group learning and evolution a stretch for the majority, while including slower learners, and empowering faster-paced learners to consistently take on more responsibility and encourage slower learners in the group.
  11. Has a consistent daily practice to expand their own consciousness, health, spirituality, and mental processing, and holds space for these as goals for working with their group.
  12. Is an energy mover and recognizes where energy is flowing in personal and group situations. Knows how to simply and quickly modify their own body/mind and environment. Can shape and lead the combined energy of a group in a harmonious and transformative manner.
  13. Plans for the hiccups and backslides in progress that there may be, addressing them gently but firmly so that all might benefit.
  14. Practices compassion, but does not sit silent in the face of corruption, greed, human rights violations or other abuses of power, speaking out and actively finding ways for these energies to be re-routed beneficially.
  15. Shares power and responsibility gracefully, lovingly grooms their successors, and plans for their own retirement as a Leader.
  16. Knows when the time has come to transform their own role, leaving the group they are working with if necessary, gracefully facilitating both their own exit and new leadership succession.
  17. Continues their quest for personal and world evolution, serving wherever they are needed, always willing to go beyond the expected, the known, the tried-and-true to get to the core essence.
  18. Keeps themselves joyously open, curious, and willing to be pleasantly surprised.


How are you being an Evolutionary Leader in your own life?

What about this Manifesto do you agree or disagree with?

What would you add to improve the suggestions here?

Most importantly…what is your next step to help your people evolve?



I help passionate, mission-driven women entrepreneurs to create sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially-just businesses that foster a kind, loving and evolutionary human presence on the planet.

If you would like my help to Be the Evolutionary Leader your tribe is looking for book a chat with me.



A GIFT to help you go All In, and a Big Welcome Home…

15380751_10154952022931264_6032473886373379299_nNew year and much happier than I’ve ever been – It’s been a whirlwind January in a lot of ways!

I’m focusing right now on the basics to get you some of the vital help you need fast. Specifically, I wondered how I could help more women ditch their limiting beliefs and inner criticism and get their businesses profitable without stressing out or working every hour of the day, and get the help they offer out to more of the people that need it.

Sound familiar?

I was seeing so many women exhausted and not knowing where to turn, and fretted about not being able to help everyone I met. That was also ME a decade ago! And I didn’t get to where I am today alone. It was only through meeting with other wildly talented women, sharing our knowledge, hiring my own coach and participating in masterminds that I broke out of it.

But often starting anything like this takes too much time and effort if you don’t know what you’re doing, and you need a mentor who knows what THEY are doing to help you along.

So, I created a free, year-long Mastermind Group on Facebook for you and your business. It’s called the Changing Woman Café, and I would love to have you join us!

In this space, you’ll be warmly welcomed home, given your favorite tea or coffee and be invited to cozy up with us and get some real help on real issues you have in your life and business.

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This sister circle supports ambitious, big-hearted women entrepreneurs everywhere around the world who want help transforming stuck places, manifesting awesome outcomes, making more money, and doing business for social good.

If your life and business is aimed at being an example of the help and healing you want to see in the world, you’re in the right place. Changing Woman Café is where you can share and receive the treasured ideas that only come with time, experience, and maturity.

Changing Woman Café is the outgrowth of my deep work coaching women entrepreneurs, business owners and executives in Silicon Valley, and around the world…

I’m adding experience from my thirty years in personal and industrial/marketing psychology, and my specialty: eliminating the gremlins of Limiting Beliefs and the Inner Saboteur that keep you hidden, small and unsuccessful.

Because you don’t have time to waste, you need to know the best business practices that work in today’s world and with your unique skills and talents – not cookie cutter methods every guru teaches, so get in here!

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I Stand


I Stand in Solidarity with all Peace-Loving Peoples of Earth.


I Stand for Human rights including Women’s rights, the rights of the LGBTQ community, the rights of Persons of Color, of our Elders, of the Differently Abled, and of Children.


I Stand…for a person’s right to live the Lifestyle they please and to Worship and honor the Creative Force of the Universe — or not — as they please, if it harms none.


I Stand…for the Animals of this planet having safe living environments, access to clean food and water, peaceful interactions with humans, freedom to roam and humane treatment in all areas.


I Stand…for Clean Food and Water, Clean Air to Breathe, and Loving Interactions between all people, for all time.


I Stand…for all people to have gainful and nourishing employment, to have the freedom of choice, adequate shelter, food and healthcare.


I Stand…for each child to be deeply nourished with words of encouragement and love, to know from the very beginning of life the precious gift they are, and limitless potential they have.


I Stand…for a world in which all are truly equal, fully conscious, self-actualized, and know deep inner peace and happiness.


Because all of us do not yet have these things…

I Stand.