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Maryam’s MoM 9-24 Hour Coconut Deodorant

  If you’ve been following my fifteen year search for a non-aluminum organic deodorant that really works, Eureka! I’ve found it! This is the BEST of all my other recipes, and you’ll never guess what’s in it: MoM! That’s right, Milk of Magnesia. Yep, it’s actually a thing – don’t knock it, like coconut oil […]

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Scientific Proof: Thoughts Cause Specific Molecular Changes To Genes

  Scientific vindication at last that what we think, changes us to the core of our beings, changes the very cells in our body, even to our genetic tissue, DNA. Personal slant: this is what I developed the ETHOS Method for, to induce a change in consciousness so that I could change my own body, […]

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Multi-Tasking Naturally Sweet Scented Hot Flash Relief

Did you know that you probably already have what it takes to conquer most temperature swings and bad moods and mosquitoes (yes!) to hand already? Epsom salts baths with a few drops of lavender essential oil, one drop of peppermint and a cup of baking soda ease aches and pains, neutralize the acids that make you […]

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