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How Kindness & My Love of Turkish Food Create Fast Relationship-Building Magic (You Can Do This, Too!)

I just tortured a perfectly nice Turkish man who’d done me a favor, for my own pleasure. He was clerking the desk at the Embassy Suites where I’d been gifted these beautiful flowers from Caterina Rando‘s Shero Summit event. I asked him for some tape to secure them in their coffee cup. He over-delivered then […]

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An Evolutionary Leader Manifesto: The Ethics To Lead, Grow & Develop Your Tribe

  I wrote this on my blog in 2011 but the world was still jiggling in the middle, unsure of itself, and not quite ready. I think we’re cooked now, & Very Done. Time for a reheat. We are in a time of transition from the old way of doing things to the New Earth spoken of […]

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*** Radicalizing Christmas Elves & Santa’s Helpers!!! ***

Happy Solstice to you! To celebrate all the Winter Holidays, I’m doing something extraordinary and I’d like to extend the invitation to you to join me. These are a portion of the twenty Starbucks gift cards loaded with $20 apiece I just bought for some very special Christmas/ Yule / Solstice stockings I’m making. I […]

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A Street Angel Christmas

I’m in San Francisco walking across Market from the Lookout down Noe to where I am parked. See that grey lump in the doorway of the rainbow flagged shop? That is a man, whose name I do not know. He was sleeping and in the 40F weather I did not bother him. In the dark […]

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