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The Great SF Bay Area Storm of ‘08 (video)

I’m taking time off and have been enjoying myself with various creative projects. Today, I videoed a hurricane taking place outside my back door. The deluge was widely reported in various formats, but I got to hear of it when spouse banged on bedroom door in the wee hours, informing me that our beloved gazebo […]

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“Energies of Transformation” Borrowing Benefits Telegathering 9/2005 w/Maryam

Bang-up Energy of Transformation Monthly Free Telegathering! More great stuff for trauma survivors and dealing with overwhelm. Included in this audio: Thymus talk and getting the immune system going, CEC student Coach Lori shares sedating the Triple Warmer Acupuncture Meridian (kill that “fight or flight” mechanism!) Saying “No” and Getting paid for your work (in […]

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BONUS AUDIO! Branding Expert Krishna De on “Expressing Your Brand”

We had a brilliant call with Krishna in December for our Promote and Fill Your Private Practice Group – it went far past the initial hour with more and more valuable tips and questions. If you have ANY questions about WHO your niche is or WHAT expresses your brand the best, listen to this call. Krishna also makes […]

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