Everyday Bliss For Busy Women – Original Book Review

Maryam’s 2011 comment: This original book review is just as valid today as it was in 2008 when the book first published. Especially the ticking timebomb comment… Working women are 28% MORE LIKELY today to have and die of a heart attack than they were in 2008. Can you believe it? This info in Everyday Bliss is even MORE relevant today. Please get it, read it and ask any questions you need to in the Everyday Bliss forum. It’s my privilege to bring bliss back to America’s hard working woman.

Now here’s the review, in living color…



Everyday Bliss For Busy Women
by Maryam Webster

“Working women today are ticking timebombs about to go off. And the scary part is, they can blow any minute, without warning.” says Maryam Webster, psychotherapist, author and Director of the Evolutionary Leadership Institute. “Women now are often looking after elders singlehandedly in addition to their own children, are sleep  deprived, overcommitted, worried and in great danger of developing stress-related diseases such as heart attack, stroke or depression. We’ve become so enmeshed in extreme high stress as a lifestyle, that we’re literally dying from it.” she says.

Webster’s newest book “Everyday Bliss For Busy Women”, in bookstores from New Harbinger Publishers on May 1st 2008, highlights a complete wellness, self-care and personal improvement coaching program: The Everyday Bliss Process. Featured are energy therapies derived from acupressure, linguistics, the power of intention and high performance coaching, to deal with fear, sadness, frustration or personal blockages.

According to the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology, energy therapies such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that Webster teaches work fast, are virtually side-effect free and can be used successfully, even by children. “We’ve got kids as young as five using these methods” Maryam enthuses “and they’re preventing problems that would have the kid in therapy when they’re thirty. Women not only benefit from daily use of these methods, but whole families can heal and create a family culture of wholeness and happiness. “

Webster’s enthusiasm has been hard-won. Hit by a drunk driver in 1988, she suffered years from a broken back and lower limb paralysis. She used the very same energy management techniques she teaches to get out of pain and disability to walk again, against medical prognosis.

Webster says working women need to be on their guard against stress as it can creep up to damaging levels quickly and silently. So how can a woman know if she is carrying toxic stress? Look for the following symptoms:

  • Women who never seem to stop, are always at appointments until late in the evening.
  • Those who indulge in endless email checking, to fall into bed exhausted
  • Women who have begun to have worrisome physical symptoms connected to the stress in their lives.
  • Any symptom that gets worse under stress is a signal.
  • Women who are caring for an elder in addition to a high-stress workplace and family life.
  • Women who have very little to no time for themselves, or their significant others.
  • Relationships with children, partners and friends suffering.
  • Women who neglect their health.
  • Those who throw themselves into exercise or health food with fanaticism.
  • Women who don’t know how to say ‘no’ to repeated requests for their time.

To support women who want to take charge of their health and happiness, Webster has created a free membership website at: http://maryamwebster.com The site features book excerpts, interviews and audios designed to help busy women drop their stress and adopt a more healthful, peaceful lifestyle.

Grant Connolly, creator of the book’s ZPoint Process says:

“I feel blessed to have ZPoint presented in Maryam’s book. She is a master coach, and the self-coaching program she’s outlined is just stellar. Maryam’s treatment of ZPoint is not only respectful of the process but will give everyone who reads it a lifetime tool for their own and other’s healing. I highly recommend Everyday Bliss.”

Featured in the book are 12 Bliss Blockers – simple yet damaging things people do to sabotage their own experience of daily peace. And their antidotes, the 12 Bliss Keys – simple amendments in thinking, action or belief that can reverse the energy field of negativity.

“Everyday Bliss for Busy Women” by Maryam Webster, M.Ed. is in major bookstores. If you don’t see it, ask your bookseller to order copies from http://newharbinger.com

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