How To Do The Impossible: Part 2


Phase II: “Working Towards Possible & Melting The Glacier”

Ask for and get whatever it is you think you can’t, shouldn’t or will never do…but MUST do.

You’re facing one of the toughest situations you’ve ever been in. Could be financial, medical, interpersonal, business – just about anything. But you have been told you’ll fail at it, will never do it, can’t possibly hope to succeed or shouldn’t even try to solve a problem “this big”. Maybe those words have even come out of your own mouth, or been said in the silence of your own mind.

But you don’t have a choice. You’ve got to pull your socks up and get on with finding and implementing the solution to this thing. If you read the first post in this series, you will have gone through the initial

First Steps of Doing The Impossible…

Keep-Calm-Lift-Weights1. You understand that initial failure is completely normal in the face of a huge challenge. But also that there is no real failure, only feedback and data that you will use to succeed at this challenge. And you know that YOU are not a failure, and there is no shame in feeling fear, depression, frustration or even having a good healthy cry about it. But you’ve also set a time limit on feeling upset, and are sticking to it.

2. You’ve grieved the past, the person or situation that changed or you may have lost, and are ready  to go on and create the new life, new situation, new you. You understand that grieving fully can take time, and allow what time and space are needed to support feeling good again. After a reasonable break, you are ready to pull your socks up, get back in the game, and return to work on The Big Problem.

Step 3: Working Towards Possible

Now that you’ve gotten the primary negative feeling part of your journey mostly out of the way, it’s time to lay the foundation for your successful journey towards Doing the Impossible on your particular problem.

I say “mostly” because the sadness, fear or etc. may come up again…which is fine, normal, and we’ll deal with it in a future post (really, permanently).

Here’s how to start working towards making it Possible:

1) Get out your journal. This is something to write down, it can’t be held in your head because you will definitely forget it. And the work you’re doing here is way too important to trust to a brain that’s trying to slip out the back way on getting the Job Done.  So begin by answering these questions:

a) Describe the situation that has passed or condition that has changed that’s brought you to the “I need to do this thing” place.

b) Even more importantly, describe the place, state or situation you need to manifest. Include all the personnel you’ll need to accomplish the thing, the resources (time, space, money, knowledge etc.) you’ll need and every detail you can think of, right now, that would be necessary for you to accomplish this goal.

Write them all down – it’s not important whether you have these resources right now or not. Just write.

c) Write about how long you have to complete these changes – weeks? Months? A year? More? Be specific.

d) Start daydreaming about the End Point – that day when you wake up and suddenly realize “It’s done. The Impossible has been Made Possible and I’ve manifested It because here it is, right here.”

e) Go back to three days before The End Point and experience what you’re saying, doing, what others around you are seeing and doing.


Now you have a plan, and a roadmap to get you where you need to go.

Stay tuned for the next Step:

Step 5: Do What You Can Do – RIGHT NOW. And keep on doing it

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