How to Get In Front Of The Right People: Part 1

One question clients consistently ask me is: “How Do I Get In Front Of The ‘Big Dogs’ in my Industry?”

 The Answer: It’s first a matter of positioning yourself correctly in front of those people, even if you’re in a seat at the back of the room to begin with.  

I went from having only local play ten years ago, to fielding dozens of requests a month to speak, do teleseminars, teach, write books and travel internationally. Below are some of my best techniques on how to position yourself as a World Changing Woman and Leader in your own field of expertise, and get in front of those “Big Dog” coaches, speakers, business mavens and other “right people” to help you get the word out about what you do and who you help.

By the way, if the word “Leader” still gives you the creepy crawlies and you want to get well known, get over it. Nobody wants the second banana or the guy/gal who’d rather give their presentation from a closet.

To get noticed by Decision Makers requires the guts to be public. “Get out there or go home.” as my old baseball coach used to say. “No one bats from the dugout.”


Here’s how to knock it out of the park:

  • Be damned good at what you do & develop a reputation for uncompromising excellence
  • Show the sweat – do both basic and advanced hard work of your business with grace & without complaint
  • Outsource the busywork so you can do ONLY what’s important to your core business Mission & Purpose
  • Take the initiative – be an early doer & adopter
  • Be the leader who evolves and is about OTHERS – not yourself
  • Show up at those “right people” events and volunteer to help
  • Be a consistent resource for those you identify you want to meet
  • Accept responsibility and ‘fess up when you have to
  • If you screw up, don’t cover up. Do what it takes to make it right
  • Never compromise your values & always be impeccable with your word

Pay special attention to VOLUNTEERING for the “right people”. Volunteer or become an intern with the person you admire and you’ll get noticed. Get noticed for having the traits above, and you’ll get talked about, asked to participate, get invitations to speak, write your book and whatever else you want to do in the world.

It takes hard work and is not easy when you first start out, but keep at it, and you’ll win the day, every time. In part II, I’ll go into how to use your networks to get known, and in front of the right people.

I would love it if you’d like to share your wisdom in a comment. I want to hear about YOUR business & how you’re making those connections! Or, if you’d like to ask for a little help, you’re welcome to float a comment on that too. What can I do for you today?


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