How to Get In Front Of The Right People: Part 2

relationship-buildingIn the first article in this series, we looked at how you can position yourself correctly to place you in the path of  gurus, mavens, JV managers, event planners and other decision makers in a position to make your day, and give you a chance to get your stuff out to a much wider audience.

Positioning is important for the Evolutionary Leader, and is the thing you should immediately start working on after you’ve clarified your niche – who you serve and what problems of theirs you help solve.

In addition to positioning, you can leverage your existing network of friends, colleagues and business associates, and ADD to that network again, by building relationships based on solid content.

Leverage Your Network to Get Known to those “Right People” by:

  • Giving serious time, thought and attention to BUILDING a list of RELATIONSHIPS. Not “prospects”, not “potential clients” but relationships with people who are in a mutual admiration society with you.

  • Keeping in touch with these folks as much as you can in a purely content driven manner.

  • Taking the “temperature” of your list regularly to see what they do and don’t respond to in terms of frequency and content of contact, and skew your frequency to those findings.

  • Be a team player in your niche. Think “niche partners” – not competitors. You’re both serving the same people. It’s okay if people sign up for a niche partner’s training/coaching/e-course etc. rather than yours, as long as everyone gets trained/coached/resourced. This attitude alone will bring you positive notice – and money in the bank. Think Joint Ventures (JV’s) and you’re on the right track.

  • Being a team player in your profession. Join your profession’s association and again – VOLUNTEER on its Board or one of its committees. Volunteer to speak at conferences. Volunteer to speak at other people’s seminars and industry events.

    Volunteerism is the single best way to get your name in front of the bigwigs.

  • Educate your Network through Writing, Video & Audio: Give a monthly or weekly opportunity to connect with you. Internet radio, teleclasses and telegatherings are three forms in common use by the service industry professional community. What about your own tv show? If this is your tweak, you can ride that baby to the stars – just make sure the content is golden and evergreen. If writing’s your thing, write articles for article banks, newsletters, letters to the editors of newspapers and my all-time favorite – guest blog posts. These all get researched by the bigwigs’ assistants, who point them out and soon the bigwig (or their people) is calling you, offering a guest spot on their teleseminar. A highly reliable method for getting Well Known.

  • Connect to your Network through Marketing: Remember you are always marketing. Marketing is not a dirty word. You’re being of service to someone who desperately needs it. And because you care about these people, you’re going to make sure in a sweet and happy way, that everyone arounds you knows who you serve, what you’re up to and what your offer of the day/week/month or year is. Now ask yourself, who do you know that serves the same people, that doesn’t offer them what you do? Find that person, point them to your marketing and suggest a joint venture serving the same group. Doing this successively will work you ever more inexorably towards those who are playing a much bigger game in your niche.

  • Be impeccable in your appearance. Ripped jeans and industry tshirts are great for programmers, but if you’re a Motivational Coach, Speaker, Psychologist or other service professional, the weekend look just won’t fly. People, including your ‘right people’, are predisposed to be attracted to those like them. Dress and act at the level of those ‘right people you want to meet.
  • Always, always, always be there when someone asks for your help, particularly if you want to reach the big cheese, but the person asking for help is their assistant. The assistant to the Big Cheese is your gateway drug, so to speak. Make a friend of that person, lighten their load a little, provide some real help and they’ll walk you in the door to the Big Guy or Gal personally. 

How are you doing with these concepts?
Do some of these methods appeal to you?
Which ones? How will you use them?
Float a comment, below…

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