I Stand


I Stand in Solidarity with all Peace-Loving Peoples of Earth.


I Stand for Human rights including Women’s rights, the rights of the LGBTQ community, the rights of Persons of Color, of our Elders, of the Differently Abled, and of Children.


I Stand…for a person’s right to live the Lifestyle they please and to Worship and honor the Creative Force of the Universe — or not — as they please, if it harms none.


I Stand…for the Animals of this planet having safe living environments, access to clean food and water, peaceful interactions with humans, freedom to roam and humane treatment in all areas.


I Stand…for Clean Food and Water, Clean Air to Breathe, and Loving Interactions between all people, for all time.


I Stand…for all people to have gainful and nourishing employment, to have the freedom of choice, adequate shelter, food and healthcare.


I Stand…for each child to be deeply nourished with words of encouragement and love, to know from the very beginning of life the precious gift they are, and limitless potential they have.


I Stand…for a world in which all are truly equal, fully conscious, self-actualized, and know deep inner peace and happiness.


Because all of us do not yet have these things…

I Stand.

Hey Sister Woman! You, doing all the Leading, Teaching & Fierce Loving? Your World Helping Plan Is Waiting!

People look to you for Support, profound Transformation and your vast store of Knowledge. But in trying to run a business, you may have been thrown in at the deep end without an MBA, advanced healing credentials, teaching technology, marketing, ecommerce or other knowledge you need.

I know - that's where I started too, butting my head against a post trying to figure out how to attract the people I wanted to work with to all the deliciousness and beauty I had for them.

We have all the Power and Glory in the tank but...crickets!

It took me thirty years including getting graduate degrees in psychology, marketing and organizational design to learn how to market a business, choose and attract the best clientele for me, and to package what they uniquely wanted to buy. Plus learn tens of energy therapy processes and develop my own (the ETHOS Method) to quickly clear anything holding myself back.

I'm putting all this at your disposal to create a plan for you and your Beloved Tribe to soar, from my perspective as a businesswoman, psychologist, marketer and priestess of forty years. .

Clearing the mindset and mis-alighment underbrush, revealing your sacred Alignment and adding tech, online community and social media skills so you can release the healing you are into the world and thrive is what I do, and gives me great joy.

Is this for you?

Your years of business and audience/tribe building have left you with a medium to large community and consistent income flow. That's in the bank. But you're hitting a brick wall somewhere else that has you bummed. You know you need help, but you're past what the average coach or therapist can help you do.

You need a world class mentor with personal experience of turning tragedy and life's circumstances around again and again and leading thousands of women to their own freedom. And ending up not only happy, but with a Wise Woman's bag of potent Magic to share. If I can heal a broken back and walk after being a paraplegic, I can teach you how to overcome whatever's keeping you from your brilliance.

I help spiritual women entrepreneurs like you get from the hamster wheel of business-as-boring, to where life, love, learning and deep rest can all co-exist peacefully. We do this with speed and elegance, and knock down anything standing in the way as if by magic (it is).

I invite you to join me in a Mini Master Plan Breakthrough where you'll get excruicating clarity on your best path to success according to your unique skills & talents, I'll share what I have that can help, or other resources or teachers to learn from, plus you'll get a hand-tailored plan to manifest it all...my treat!

Boom-chicka to Release the Magic!

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