Important Safe Sweetener Update

Rethining-Truviaincluding my recommendation for safe sweets!

Truvia, which many of us have been using to avoid the harmful effects of sugar and neurotoxins like saccharine and aspartame, et. al., proves to have some harmful effects of its own: it’s a pesticide, and made with GMO corn. 

Fruitflies will readily eat Truvia’s active ingredient, erythritol, which kills them in short order, and faster the more that is consumed. This source notes Pyure is a brand of erythritol made with no GMO’s, as a possible alternative, but when it’s erythritol that’s the toxin, not whether it’s GMO or not, why bother?

What do I use?

Raw organic stevia, either powdered or in liquid drop form. Sure it takes some getting used to, but now that I have, I don’t mind it at all. I literally cannot drink or eat things with sugar in them as the taste is far too overwhelming, even if  low amounts are used.

In the interest of fair play I should tell you that there is some speculative theory that stevia gets metabolized similarly to hormones and may have a mild contraceptive effect in humans (according to one study done on rats) but the evidence is thin enough on the ground for it not to warrant a lot of notice by the nutritionists and doctors I trust. We’ll keep a weather eye on that, but for now, stevia is widely considered safe. As with anything, just don’t OD on it.

What does it do for me?

I am losing brain fog, colds and infections that were once common (I never get sick) and oh yes, quite a few pounds too, by dumping added sugar. Along with plenty of fresh fruit in my diet, Stevia is better for me. (see research links below)

There is a small 0.5% amount of stevia plant extractive, rebiana, in Truvia as well, but stevia has been cleared by the studies: “…stevia was not the cause of the problem. They also tested Purevia (a stevia-only product) and found it was safe for fruit flies. Only erythritol, the main component of Truvia, replicated the toxic effects on fruit flies.”

Fruit flies or not, this is another pesticide I don’t want in or near my body. I don’t trust the regulatory agencies in this. This is my decision. Make your own, and make it informed.

And as always, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH:

And on Stevia, particularly the way it was banned in various countries including the USA at the behest of the multinational sweetener producing companies – Stevia is banned no more and is in heavy use in Japan and the USA by the health conscious:


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