Maryam’s MoM 9-24 Hour Coconut Deodorant



If you’ve been following my fifteen year search for a non-aluminum organic deodorant that really works, Eureka! I’ve found it! This is the BEST of all my other recipes, and you’ll never guess what’s in it: MoM!

That’s right, Milk of Magnesia.

Yep, it’s actually a thing – don’t knock it, like coconut oil it really works, and costs pennies per pit. We’re going to combine them here for a super effective no-nasty-stuff, all-organic and highly effective product. I have been using this mixture for about a year now and will never go back to store bought – this works far better and it doesn’t interfere with my hormones, or add toxins to my breast tissue. Yay!

Into a non-metal bowl put 1 part gently warmed, liquid coconut oil, 4 parts plain, unflavored Milk of Magnesia, 5-10 drops each of essential oils such as lavender, rose geranium and sandalwood to soothe the skin and add a pleasant scent if you want (though they are optional).

Add enough arrowroot powder and/or Diatomaceous earth (a powder made from fossilized phytoplankton, rich in silica and highly antimicrobial) to thicken the mixture to your taste, and whisk to remove lumps.

Depending on how much arrowroot you put in, you can vary the texture from a thick lotion, which I put into the re-purposed pump bottle, to a medium paste that I put into Goo Tubes like the green one above.

In the lotion form, shake before you apply!! It will separate slightly.

The paste form is extremely stable and won’t spill in bags or on planes. It also self-powders as it dries. You can either let it air dry, or use a blowdryer on cool setting.

I get about 10-15 hours odor protection from this mixture which is better than the aluminum deodorants or any of the organic store brands ever gave me.

Enjoy, and let me know how you do with this! ❤


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