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How Kindness & My Love of Turkish Food Create Fast Relationship-Building Magic (You Can Do This, Too!)

I just tortured a perfectly nice Turkish man who’d done me a favor, for my own pleasure. He was clerking the desk at the Embassy Suites where I’d been gifted these beautiful flowers from Caterina Rando‘s Shero Summit event. I asked him for some tape to secure them in their coffee cup. He over-delivered then […]

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On Ego, Angst and Taking Offense

Agonizing as it might be to admit to ourelves, it really is our Ego that has the angst, the bitterness, the heartache, the indignant “well I never, how dare s/he!” moments. If you find yourself offended (and I include myself in this), bring it back to reality by working on your own ego. How? One practice […]

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