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Align & Ascend: World Changing Woman Business Development

align-and-ascend-program-logo-purpleIn my Align & Ascend Program I help entrepreneurial women who want to help or heal some part of the world, to develop their business idea and get off the ground properly. Taking your skills, talents and the ways you work best into account, we find the highly profitable tribe totally aligned with your passion to help, the people you’ll adore working with just as much as they will adore working with you.

We’ll excavate and package solutions they need urgently, using your primary skills and talents. You’ll learn how to promote and monetize your offerings.

Plus as the hallmark and one of the #1 reasons my clients hire me: you’ll also get the full package of processes to completely transform your mind around money, self-sabotage and the stoppers that are keeping you stuck in business and in life.

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Manifest: The Align & Ascend Personal Program

manifest-align-and-ascend-personal-programYou’re a high flying woman entrepreneurial business owner who gives a lot, DOES a lot and it may feel like you’re on the go all the time! In Manifest, the Align and Ascend Personal Program, the focus is far deeper – on getting YOU aligned in perfect service to your wild and wonderful life. We get your deep core issues that are blocking money flow, relationship sweetness, personal confidence and business success dealt with. Plus, I teach you every single process I use, so you will have them to bust blockages any time you want.

In a progressive format you’ll recode years of failure into opportunity, learn how to literally change your personal history (yes you can!) and manifest the future you maybe haven’t even dared dream about.

In Manifest, you’ll not only dream an awesome future into being, you’ll come into Sacred Alignment with yourself, the life you have created, and learn to completely re-create your life from the ground up if necessary. You’ll learn how to:


  • re-insert the calm into life and business and unhook from stress
  • stop negative talk & self-sabotage that keep you playing small
  • remove the money blocks that prevent you from profiting
  • transform the core issues that keep you repeating unhelpful patterns

Your entire life, including personal health, business and relationships will benefit. Clients routinely report increased relationship closeness, finishing long put-off projects like books and seeing them through to publication, launching and filling classes and trainings they’ve wanted to run – all kinds of projects that started as dreams and were launched into reality in this program. If you’ve always wanted to but never quite dared to – you need Manifest: The Align & Ascend Personal Program.

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