A GIFT to help you go All In, and a Big Welcome Home…

15380751_10154952022931264_6032473886373379299_nNew year and much happier than I’ve ever been – It’s been a whirlwind January in a lot of ways!

I’m focusing right now on the basics to get you some of the vital help you need fast. Specifically, I wondered how I could help more women ditch their limiting beliefs and inner criticism and get their businesses profitable without stressing out or working every hour of the day, and get the help they offer out to more of the people that need it.

Sound familiar?

I was seeing so many women exhausted and not knowing where to turn, and fretted about not being able to help everyone I met. That was also ME a decade ago! And I didn’t get to where I am today alone. It was only through meeting with other wildly talented women, sharing our knowledge, hiring my own coach and participating in masterminds that I broke out of it.

But often starting anything like this takes too much time and effort if you don’t know what you’re doing, and you need a mentor who knows what THEY are doing to help you along.

So, I created a free, year-long Mastermind Group on Facebook for you and your business. It’s called the Changing Woman Café, and I would love to have you join us!

In this space, you’ll be warmly welcomed home, given your favorite tea or coffee and be invited to cozy up with us and get some real help on real issues you have in your life and business.

See me sing songs of revolution and help you empower the evolution your life and business can be. Join my new free mastermind here:


I’m doing a lot of live video training for you there, answering your burning questions about life, business, marketing, getting clients, keeping it all sane and more. Grab a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and pull up a comfy chair.

This sister circle supports ambitious, big-hearted women entrepreneurs everywhere around the world who want help transforming stuck places, manifesting awesome outcomes, making more money, and doing business for social good.

If your life and business is aimed at being an example of the help and healing you want to see in the world, you’re in the right place. Changing Woman Café is where you can share and receive the treasured ideas that only come with time, experience, and maturity.

Changing Woman Café is the outgrowth of my deep work coaching women entrepreneurs, business owners and executives in Silicon Valley, and around the world…

I’m adding experience from my thirty years in personal and industrial/marketing psychology, and my specialty: eliminating the gremlins of Limiting Beliefs and the Inner Saboteur that keep you hidden, small and unsuccessful.

Because you don’t have time to waste, you need to know the best business practices that work in today’s world and with your unique skills and talents – not cookie cutter methods every guru teaches, so get in here!

Please join us at: Changing Woman Cafe

I’m looking forward to meeting you in the Cafe, and seeing how I can help you grow, profit & thrive!

And If You’re Ready
Want to uplevel your life and business right now and get my help to do it? Apply for your no-cost World Changing Woman Breakthrough session with me & let’s go!



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