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A Difficult & Painful Story…For the Young Women We’ve Lost

I’m thinking about all the clients I’ve worked with this week, and all the things they’ve been telling me about how fear, shame, guilt and self-sabotage waylaid them for years and kept them from getting their brilliance out there, from helping the people they were put on earth to help, from having a life they […]

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Basic reflexology

This is a wonderful rundown of basic reflexology. I took a refresher class in reflexology yesterday with my yoga teacher and got used as the demo model. So soothing I fell asleep! And foot reflexology is something I do every night before bed. Healthy habit!

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A GIFT to help you go All In, and a Big Welcome Home…

New year and much happier than I’ve ever been – It’s been a whirlwind January in a lot of ways! I’m focusing right now on the basics to get you some of the vital help you need fast. Specifically, I wondered how I could help more women ditch their limiting beliefs and inner criticism and […]

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