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Are You A Woman Who Wants To Change the World?

If you haven’t reached your World Changing potential yet, you Need Help to get to the next level!  It can be awesome, (but also downright scary!) running a World Changing business. You’ve got mad skills, tons of experience and are already successful. You LOVE your clients and your process and lots of things have gone well. […]

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Why Ground Zero Is Sexy & “Getting A Man” Isn’t

So a lot has changed in my life as many in the last year. For me, it’s been a year of decisions made and actions taken. And moving. A lot of moving. At this point, I’m totally at “everything must go” and reducing possessions to live a more sustainable life. This is what I refer […]

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What if the real problem…isn’t you?

\While your brain is telling you the source of your problem is a lack of clients, cash, strategy, messaging, etc… What if the deeper root CAUSE is your fear of not being liked/loved, being alone/abandoned, or something else you can’t even see as business related? Well, it is. And the key to solving your persistent […]

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How to Look & Feel Younger Plus…Cure a Bonked Noggin

Bonk, Bonk, onna head! I’m sharing in this HumpDay Helper a great way to look and FEEL younger, and the semi-embarrassing story about falling off a stool while filming and getting bonked on the head. Saw stars. And how I erased the pain and bruise that was forming so you can do it too. Try […]

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A Tale of Three Friendships & Cleaning Your List

Why friendship is not monetizable (really?), how the oldest can be the sweetest, how I’ve upgraded my friends (and myself) and pruned my lists, and how to attract the friends, chosen family, ideal clients and associates you REALLY want.

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A Difficult & Painful Story…For the Young Women We’ve Lost

I’m thinking about all the clients I’ve worked with this week, and all the things they’ve been telling me about how fear, shame, guilt and self-sabotage waylaid them for years and kept them from getting their brilliance out there, from helping the people they were put on earth to help, from having a life they […]

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Cognitive Dissonance

Guy at coffee condiment bar does reach-around for the cream, looks me dead in the eye and says, smiling, “So what you have to realize, is it’s not all about the metrics. Other things, like the human factor, matter just as much.” I quell the urge to be offended (since when have metrics been more […]

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An Evolutionary Leader Manifesto: The Ethics To Lead, Grow & Develop Your Tribe

  I wrote this on my blog in 2011 but the world was still jiggling in the middle, unsure of itself, and not quite ready. I think we’re cooked now, & Very Done. Time for a reheat. We are in a time of transition from the old way of doing things to the New Earth spoken of […]

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A GIFT to help you go All In, and a Big Welcome Home…

New year and much happier than I’ve ever been – It’s been a whirlwind January in a lot of ways! I’m focusing right now on the basics to get you some of the vital help you need fast. Specifically, I wondered how I could help more women ditch their limiting beliefs and inner criticism and […]

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