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Why Ground Zero Is Sexy & “Getting A Man” Isn’t

So a lot has changed in my life as many in the last year. For me, it’s been a year of decisions made and actions taken. And moving. A lot of moving. At this point, I’m totally at “everything must go” and reducing possessions to live a more sustainable life. This is what I refer […]

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The Magic Of “Pleased All Hollow” + A Changing Woman’s Biz Prep For New Years

(if the video says it can’t be played at this time, simply reload the page and click again) The Magic of “Pleased All Hollow” and a Changing Woman Business Owner’s ninja prep for New Year’s. Join our free Changing Woman Café FB mastermind for more: Here’s a brief rundown of the good stuff we […]

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Everyday Bliss For Busy Women – Original Book Review

Maryam’s 2011 comment: This original book review is just as valid today as it was in 2008 when the book first published. Especially the ticking timebomb comment… Working women are 28% MORE LIKELY today to have and die of a heart attack than they were in 2008. Can you believe it? This info in Everyday […]

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