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How to Look & Feel Younger Plus…Cure a Bonked Noggin

Bonk, Bonk, onna head! I’m sharing in this HumpDay Helper a great way to look and FEEL younger, and the semi-embarrassing story about falling off a stool while filming and getting bonked on the head. Saw stars. And how I erased the pain and bruise that was forming so you can do it too. Try […]

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A Tale of Three Friendships & Cleaning Your List

Why friendship is not monetizable (really?), how the oldest can be the sweetest, how I’ve upgraded my friends (and myself) and pruned my lists, and how to attract the friends, chosen family, ideal clients and associates you REALLY want.

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Tweaking the pervasive lie “I’m not Enough” in this week’s Hump Day Helper

We’re tweaking on the whole pervasive lie of “I’m not Enough” in this Hump Day Helper: Your Midweek Tweak. Join me every Wednesday a bit past noon Pacific time at my Facebook Author Page for your virtual oasis of sanity, business help and general relaxation. See you next week! PS: If you’d like much more, […]

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