The Everyday Bliss Stressbusting Workshop

Dear Event Organizer,

My Everyday Bliss Stressbusting Workshop is a wonderful gift for your members, a perk for associations and balm to soothe the world-weary and work frazzled in just about any occupation.

Formulated especially for today’s super-stressed professionals, academics, parents and even kids of all ages, this relaxing and educational teaching is chock full of juicy material and solid research from my book Everyday Bliss For Busy Women.

People love it – women’s groups, professional associations, survivor groups, teen centers, churches – anyone who has stress eating at them and wants to get rid of it for good. These easy-to-practice techniques improve everyone’s health, immunity and good spirits, and can easily be customized for your individual group.

Workshop Timing:

This workshop takes place on a weekend morning or afternoon for up to three hours, or on a week night for 2 hours – timing below reflects programming for the two hour workshop.

No special equipment is needed but a laptop projector if your organization has one is welcome, as there is a PowerPoint presentation that can optionally accompany this workshop. Additionally, there is a handout and special online resource area for participants to access after the workshop that duplicate and extend the PowerPoint slides.

Workshop Content:

15 mins: Welcome & Orientation – Effects of accumulated stress and to the background material in neurobiology. References include the psychosensory studies of Dr. David Feinstein & Dr. Ronald Ruden, Brigham & Women’s heart disease studies, HeartMath Institute’s conclusions on heart-based congruence and Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief research.

The Bliss Blockers & Bliss Keys are discussed, and the related stress removing techniques. Participants will get grounded in an experience of real relaxation, and learn how to calculate their personal Stress Level.

40 mins: AM Energizers & PM Harmonizers to clear the body and mind, removing accumulated stress before the day begins, and before going to sleep. Highlighting the immunity boosting instant stress relief maneuvers: Cross-Crawl, Triple Thump, Cook’s Hookup, Energy Buttons and Body Scanning, with audience demo and practice time.

Break: 5 mins.

15 mins: How to identify what to work on. Removing Stress via the “Instant Decision Maker” with audience demo.

25 mins: Quickstart ETHOS Method for becoming conscious to, and combatting stress before it arises and during acute stress with demo and practice.

15 minutes: A demo of the Phoenix Effect Process for personal use.

5 mins: Questions & Wrapup

Attendees leave super relaxed, with a bouquet of tools to use and a special online reference area to consult after the workshop is over.

Interested in this workshop for your group? It’s a solid benefit-laden gift to give your members, and one people will be talking about for months to come.

Get in contact to learn more and to schedule your group here.