The Magic Of “Pleased All Hollow” + A Changing Woman’s Biz Prep For New Years

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The Magic of “Pleased All Hollow” and a Changing Woman Business Owner’s ninja prep for New Year’s. Join our free Changing Woman Café FB mastermind for more:

Here’s a brief rundown of the good stuff we covered:

* How to go through your life pleased with every day

* Dealing with the triple threat of Assumption, Expectation and Entitlement

* Deal with your biggest biz stressors: how and what to outsource, how not to stress about promos at New Years, how to get a product or class done & out there quickly with relatively little work

* How your message as a business owner can change through the year, how to incorporate the new and deal with what is no longer relevant

* What to do if you’ve no business promo planned for early 2017, what to do if you’re involved in way too many?

Tons of good stuff here! Let me know – how are YOU implementing?


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