Align & Ascend: The Manifest Program

Unlocking Your Inner Wise Woman To Manifest the Life You Want:

  • Be able to stand up for yourself and speak from the Voice of your True Self
  • Break the “glass ceiling” that’s not letting you get to the next level, or a Quantum Leap you want to take
  • Feel the fear, recognize it for what it is and do it, survive it, and come back to kick ass
  • Finally feel “legit” – you’ll KNOW you don’t need to take another class or certification 
  • Know the next steps to take in life and business and DO them
  • Have the confidence and ninja-like connection skills to hire Staff you Love
  • Share, Teach and Profit happily with your Tribe, like you’re working with your Best Friends
  • Surface and identify the emotional and mental causes of Self-Sabotage and clear them
  • Gain great and enduring courage, clarity, focus and tenacity & sweeten every relationship

Hey Hot Stuff! The world NEEDS you NOW. And I can Help!


Hi, I’m Maryam Webster, psychologist, master energy coach, ETHOS Method creator, and author of Everyday Bliss for Busy Women.

You’ve got to be a bright, creative, blazingly skilled and talented woman to have gotten this far so – welcome, you hot gorgeous mama, you!

If it’s more like “hot gorgeous mess” though, and both you AND your Tribe need you to be, do and have MORE, check it out:

After going through my own evolution, and watching bright, creative women around me struggle to dump self-sabotage and reclaim enough energy from being wrapped up in the Past (regrets, sad memories etc) and Future (fears, hopes, dreams) to be effective in the Present, I created the “Manifest” course in my Align and Ascend series.

This inspired pairing of my Everyday Bliss Process teamed with the super-effectiveness of my consciousness-raising ETHOS Method has been freeing folks enslaved to their programming for years now in my Private Sessions,  but this is the FIRST TIME I have taught “Recoding Your DNA” and some of the other changework processes in a group format.

Manifest WAS CREATED WITH THE EXPRESS INTENTION of completely unleashing your Inner Wise Woman to get your “priestess potential” fully expressed, and out there in the world doing the Good Work you were put here to do in this lifetime.

What? Not happening yet? Or not like you expected / hoped / dreamed?

After Manifest, it will. Nine out of ten clients I share this material with, have dreams start manifesting at a startling rate!

Maryam’s Success DNA work and Manifest program are a serious magic bullet. It’s given me courage, focus and tenacity that feel natural, and come from my own sense inner bliss, so all of me benefits. Profits are up, my partner is happier, I’m kicking ass, and I actually SLEEP now. Thanks!

Karen Sondergard Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

If you’re ready to get in the door at the super-low “Wow Such a Deal!” rate of just $97 for the 6 week Class, click here or read on for what you’ll get…

Get Manifest Now at the “Wow, Such a Deal!” Rate

I heavily curated the resources and processes going into the Manifest Program from my thirty years as a psychologist, personal work I’d done to learn to walk again when I was paralyzed, and placed an emphasis on creating process around the recent scientific research on recoding DNA that NO ONE else is offering.

I want YOU to be in this program to help you deal with a Problem You Don’t Know You Have. It’s the “what you don’t know that you don’t know” problems that really cross you up, because how can you address what you don’t even know about?

Smart, savvy, experience women leaders and business owners have a blind spot – how they self-language and hold their programming around worth, integrity and other areas of our valuesphere. Most of us over 40 have been indoctrinated to speak to ourselves internally, in a way that DISCOURAGES rather than ENCOURAGES Success as Habit, and daily practice.

You need to step out of and beyond that to get your Tribe helped and healed with the special mojo and package of Awesome you are, that attracts them to you like bees to honey, and makes you your millions or enabless that laptop lifestyle you always wanted.

Time/Date: Class takes place 6 Tuesdays at Noon Pacific Time / 3pm Eastern Time August 15 – September 19th, 2017

Format: Webinar in a Zoom Room with online eCampus learning environment.


All sessions  will be recorded & available 24/7. You don’t need to be in the Live Class to get the full benefit – study in our online eCampus at your leisure. You’ll have audios, videos, webinars, Deep Nurture and FastTrack sessions, plus powerfully effective fieldwork to support you.

During this 6-week course, you will:

  • Learn exactly how I’ve used my 30 years as a psychologist and energy healer to create path-finding, tribe building, profit making and community nurturing solutions that will work for your unique business.
  • Learn the ETHOS Method and my award-winning Everyday Bliss Process and how to use both to free yourself from problem-space, create nurturing solutions, sweeter relationships, and be more conscious in your life.
  • Get an ancient piece of human DNA that holds us ALL back and keeps us small, turned around and supporting your success
Even though it seems like you’ll never be able to bust the internal programming keeping you small and playing not as big as you know really need to, we go over and cover that programming thoroughly.

You’ll uncover years-old pieces of you that believed something strongly, and without your knowledge, are running the show today, and sabotaging your best efforts to be a Success. If you’re doing this to yourself every day like I was (sometimes at high speed in several different languages!) this class is for you. You’ll find sisterhood and understanding here. No judgement. Lots of loving support. Cookies. And chocolate.

You need to join us in Manifest if you are:

  • SUPER Successful, but trying to break through to the next level and can’t seem to
  • Frustratingly “almost but not quite” there on your goals
  • Clients and friends love you, but you feel like a fraud in life and/or business
  • Clients love you and you don’t feel right asking them for testimonials or referrals
  • You have mad skills and talents, but are the Best Kept Secret on the block
  • Chronically need more clients and find you can’t make calls or talk about price with confidence
  • Feel SUPER blessed, but feel a lack of grace in your life…and are longing for a simpler life
  • Know you have “stuff to get past” in your past but never made it a priority (hint: you should)
  • Sick all the time, especially when a project is due, and illness prevents having fun

Or if you’re just not hitting the mark as the Helper, Healer or Leader of your Tribe.

You know you need a shift.

This is it.

Get on board.

Doggone right I need it. Beam me up!

“I came to Maryam stuck and confused about my next steps, unsure about my marketing plan and sales pages, seeking clarity on my offer and marketing copy. Am I ever glad I did! Maryam is a powerhouse of energy, experience, and intuition. She doesn’t hold back, she gives you 100%.

Mentoring with Maryam has been fantastic for helping me cut through my mental clutter, stay focused, and really get my magic happening in a clear and no-nonsense kind of way that is so needed when working towards serious and sexy success. I DEFINITELY recommend her!”

Tabitha Jester Business Coach

You’ll change your Inner Self voice from the Self-Doubting Critic, to Inner Wise Woman who needs no validation, which gives you the freedom to

  • Go from overloaded “certification junkie” taking more courses than you can implement, to streamlined business builder with a Plan
  • Make routines stick better – your Affirmations and other self-help now has real impact
  • Learn the thrill of playing Full Out, and making the impact you’ve always wanted to

I’ll walk you step by step through simple biology that has programmed you to behave the way you do and give you a clear roadmap to reprogram and keep you successful.

Maryam Webster has been my business coach for almost a year now, and I am blessed to have her in my life. Maryam’s ability to quickly nail down the core issue I am facing, even when difficult for me to verbalize, is amazing. Maryam is caring, direct, extremely resourceful and friendly. My favorite part is that she breaks down everything to make it EASY and doable. I love that a lot. After each session with Maryam, I feel empowered and ready to go!

Maryam has a huge variety of tools she skillfully combines with gentle feminine wisdom and support, for you to get the results you need. Before I started coaching, I was a serious procrastinator. But with Maryam in my corner – forget about it! She will keep you accountable for the image SHE holds of you as a powerful creator. And that, is GOLD.

Zhanna Shpits Success Coach for Loving Moms with Dreams

Manifest Program Curriculum:


Module 1: Setting the Foundation for Manifesting Quantum Leaps: DNA Clearing, How to Receive, Learning tools, adding Power-Pack Resources to you

Module 2: Your Sacred Calling, Choosing A Focus, Getting Clear, Everyday Bliss Process & Bliss List and Shadow List work

Module 3: Olly Olly Oxen Free! Coming Out From Hiding, Personal Freedom & How to Radically Step Up, right Now

Module 4: Entrainment, The Voices Within & How They Hook Us + Unhooking from Praise & Criticism

Module 5: Speaking Your Truth & Getting The Results You Want (How to make people say “yes”)

Module 6: Staying on Course, 360º YOU Support, Playing Full Out for Reals, Your Manifesto


*Plus* During the course of this Program, you’ll be treated to Extra Expert Interviews, new teachings in the field and surprise guests who will share their wisdom with us. On the slate are experts in the area of Relationships, Business, Life Hacks and Spirituality. I aim to make this class a well rounded education in Leveling UP…. WAY UP.  😎

Your Manifest Program BONUSES:

  • I am literally thrilled to be adding the premium bonus of my Sanctuary Program, for creating inner safety and security, and the powerful Museum process for dealing gently with tough parts of you that don’t want to give up control.
  • We will also be hearing from some pretty awesome and accomplished special guests who have lessons and life hacks for us
  • The complete Everyday Bliss “AM/PM Energy Hygiene” videos and energy boosters are yours as well
What are you waiting for? 💛 Join us.


Best of all, you get my “Good Pal Golden Guarantee”:  If at the end of the Program on the last day you can honestly say you di the work in each module, but got no value, I’ll be happy to refund your Founding Member purchase price, and you can keep all the wonderful shifts and changes you’ve made (because I know you will make them!) and all the materials.

And we still stay good friends – that’s the most important part. I won’t have it any other way.

Refund contingent on doing the work and submitting a written request on the last day of class letting me honestly know where I could have done better. I want to know so I can make a more useful experience for you. I’m committed to your Success!

Warm blessings ~ Maryam