More About Maryam

Hi, I’m Maryam Webster.

Yes, that’s my real name, lol, I get that a lot! 😀 If you’re here, I welcome you heartily, am grateful for your presence and hope I can be of help to you. Here are some potentially interesting facts on who I am and why I do what I do:

First of all, I help Women of Substance to evolve consciously and grow their business outreach, influence, profits and impact. It’s a deeply spiritual and personal journey, just as it is related to business and entrepreneurship.

I work with world-changing visionary women like you, who have a sacred commitment to self-growth and conscious living, while evolving your spiritual self, body of work and your suite of offers You do this to embody and fully express the help, healing and reason Life called you into Being.

It’s a Calling and you know you’ve Been Tapped.

But stepping into that place fully can be hard. Even if your Peeps need you bad and you’re sick of where you are.

(I know, I’ve ditched on myself AND my peeps before. Forgive you if that’s the case because it’s just a necessary teaching point on the journey for you.

But why does it happen even if your Peeps will suffer without the help and healing you bring to them. And your life will suck.

Because…baggage. Self-sabotage.

Beliefs and lifestyles that keep you limited, and unable to break through to your next level.

Whether you’re a High-Earning, Well-Connected Hot Mama connecting back to her authenticity and genuine passions in life and business, or a woman with a Steamin’ Hot Passion you need to create solutions around. 

And that’s where I come in.

You’re here for a very special purpose. And not me, not Oprah, could do what YOU do for your special folks, your Beloveds.

I could say the same words to your tribe and get blank stares.

But you…oh, YOU! For those perfect clients, partners and friends, YOU are the freakin’ Love Bomb!

And they will support you, when you finally really crack open down to your core and start giving them exactly what they want, from your great store of Knowledge and Experience.


This thing your peeps want? For you, doing this thing is simple, pleasurable, is falling off a log easy.

That thing you just LOVE doing so much you could wake up and run a business on this ONE THING, and feel grateful to clients who were paying top dollar, and thanking you for your help.

This Thing You Do, that people heart you for?

Hear this – that Thing is worthy of being paid for, and being paid well for. And your life is absolutely deserving of big blocks of rest and comfort, connection, support and BRILLIANCE.

Yes. You got this, Beloved!


For me, “The One Thing” is transforming human beings from blocked-from-Brilliance, hitting glass ceilings and not knowing how to spin their talents and skills for profit, into Blissful Business owners that profit as they super-help the world and do Great Works of social good. That’s my special mojo and get-me-high juice.

If you think it’s impossible or you’re blocked like that, then you’re in the right place.

Teaching myself to walk again after being hit by a drunk driver and almost a decade recovering from a broken back and paraplegia (with doctors predicting permanent paralysis), plus losing over 125 pounds gained while bedridden (and still going!), are only two of the many ways I have “done the impossible” in my life.

But the best way to know how I can help is to listen to what actual clients say.

My Bottom Line is: I Stand For You.

Nothing you can say will convince me that you are ANYTHING but a Powerful Badass Creator who holds the keys to the Universe, and the Solutions to the Problems of those you are meant to help. Including You.

How do I know?

Because I’m a Powerful Badass Manifestor, and it takes one to know one.

What we can do together…

We can work together so that you Win at Life, no matter what happens. You’ll learn to pivot, whether you’re fast or slow.

Speed is not required, far-sight is. What we’ll do together will get you there.

How will it feel? Well, some of the worky pieces will feel hard as parts of you struggle to remain stuck in their rut. It’s like pulling weeds – some hold on tight. So this is why you get support from someone like me, who can make it better.

I will always make you right, find the reasons why it’s not working for you…and help you to freedom so you can do what you were born for. To help you partner with the heart and soul of your life AND business so it comes easily, and keeping it friction-free.

After twenty odd years as a psychotherapist and researcher, I found that the energy therapies I learned to relieve my pain and recover mobility were more powerful personal change-makers than standard psychology techniques.

And since I had therapy clients who wanted to learn how I got where I was, I looked for a way to help people transform their lives both quickly and permanently. Merging psychotherapy, coaching and neurological state-change methods into a new form did the trick. I called it Energy Coaching, and taught the method in my Certified Energy Coach Program at the Energy Coach Institute.

In 2008, I authored the definitive energy therapy book focused on the women’s spa market: Everyday Bliss For Busy Women and created The ETHOS Method – simplest and most compact of all the energy therapies, that can even be done invisibly, in public.

You’ll get all that when you work with me. I am dedicated to highly customizing, and making the kinds of transformations you need as quick as possible, plus easy to do on your own outside of our work together.

Then I discovered a few of the keys I was missing in the new epigenetic research on inherited trauma, which had roots in my own family’s personal journey, and has had a huge impact on what I’m able to offer in Ancestral DNA Recoding.

And then…the Dalai Lama spoke.

One day in 2009 during the Vancouver Peace Summit, the internet was suddenly flooded with the meme poster that showed the Dalai Lama saying “I am a Feminist.” and “Western Women will Save the World”. He was surrounded at the Peace Summit by women whose charitable and peacekeeping efforts were Nobel prize worthy, so his observation is no surprise, but every single one of them was over the age of forty-five.

Hearing His Holiness say that stunned Western women, even those of us who viewed ourselves as feminists. And for me, his words infused my life with a new sense of urgency.

The Western world is one where women have made enormous progress towards equality and already have the opportunity to help others on a global scale.

But we can’t do that, I thought, if we’re bound up in these symptoms, funky relationships, brain fog and the like. This filled me with a sense of purpose.

I re-dedicated myself to getting women’s midlife health, wealth, business & mindset issues dealt with, launching a fulfilling Second Adulthood that Changes The World.


Become The World-Changing Woman Your Clients Need & You Deserve


The women I work with leave dead-end jobs making somebody else money and start their own businesses that help, heal and change the world, just like the Dalai Lama predicted. They leave corporate America, uproot their kids and move from the ‘burbs to the forest and start healing businesses that make their hearts sing. They start charities or join them and make a difference in the world. That’s real important.

The Second Phase of your life is about about making a difference. Now that the kids are grown, now that you have the capital built up, now that you have all the experience and learning to know you really don’t want to do that, but would rather do this…and the “this” is always about helping people, or healing the world in some way.

Once you really get what you want to do to make your life truly count, it’s all butter, baby, butter.

Also, speaking of butter…we got recipes. Great recipes that work to keep you fit, hormonally balanced and in peak condition. Most of these are food-based but I’m including one for no-fail, 24-hour deodorant made from stuff you already have in the kitchen. No aluminum, safe and happy for you and your pits. Just coconut oil and MoM…heck, ask me about it sometime.

The why here is when you have your health, you have everything. So I’m about getting you as healthy as possible. Because at our age, you need every tool you can get. And I’m sharing what works and what you can realistically live with in terms of nutrition, supplements and having a healthy, happy body is the gateway to the kind of Desire that creates the World you Want To Live In.



Who The Heck am I to be Telling You Anything? (the creds section…lite*)


Well, I have multiple masters degrees in education, clinical and counseling psychology, industrial psychology and advanced human re-programming. I also spent thirty years as a psychotherapist working with a variety of clients.

I’ve been deeply trained and have a lifetime’s experience as a health advocate and deep-change artist, seen the gamut of behavior people want to change, and have made it my life’s work to find the fastest, most deeply effective methods for people to make those changes easily.

I’m not only a researcher into motivation and success, but a transformative process creator and have created both comprehensive consciousness changing processes, like my ETHOS Method, but use the dozens of tools I have to hand to custom-craft the kind of symptoms relief and life change you want and deserve.

And most importantly, I’ve learned to consistently succeed where the odds have been a thousand to one against me, and I put that knowledge to work helping you do the same. “Impossible” things like I mentioned above –

  • Healing a broken back and years of paralysis to walk, dance and be fully functional again
  • Ditching the excruciating pain that was keeping me literally bedridden and out of the flow of life.
  • Losing over 125 pounds that I’d gained while lying in bed, and keeping it off easily for years,
  • Never getting sick, and being able to cure myself of things like food poisoning quickly
  • Getting a book published in a recession year publishers weren’t signing new authors

…things like that.

In the process, I’ve learned a lot of extremely cool tools to roto-rooter through stubborn mental blockages, self-sabotage and “yeah-buts”, plus even kick excruciating daily pain to the curb, permanently. I even learned how to change my own personal history and re-code former failures into stupendous successes.

* Why Creds Lite? Because we don’t have all day. Places to go, people to love, Worlds to Change – that’s why. You got questions, ask.


Still have questions? Here’s Why You Want To Work With Me

Simply put, you don’t have time to waste. You need to get past your limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and funkiness coming between you and the success YOU deserve and your clients NEED right now. And, you want to work with someone who has been to the mountain top and the depths of hell, come through it, thrived and knows the best ways to get you through it safely and happily.

I created my Align and Ascend Program to shortcut the long, slow way most coaches have you learn to build your business and level-up your life. They techniques and process I’m teaching will get your necessary transformations to arrive fast, permanently in most cases.

And with tools you can use even when issues crop up at 3:00am in the morning, or in a board meeting or car with family – even while teaching a webinar (I recently had a client who did this and reported great results!) when you can’t tap, chant or meditate.

Bonus #1: You can teach these tools to your kids, family, friends, and everyone benefits.

Bonus #2: I NEVER “cookie-cutter” anything. You’ll always have transformations and business structure highly customized to your particular situation.

If you don’t work with me, then for heaven’s sake work with someone like me who has deep experience creating transformative processes on the fly. That’s what we do in each and every session, because…

Has “The Cliffhanger” ever happened to you?

You’re tooling along in a coaching, therapy or other professional brainstorming session and and suddenly come up short, stopped by a limiting belief, personal blockage or something else that needs to be dealt with Right. Now.chuchlady-isnt-that-special But your coach/therapist/change agent is either watching the clock or simply doesn’t have the skills to help you in the moment. And they leave you hanging…with a cheery “We’ll pick this up next week”.

Well, isn’t that just special?

It’s happened to me, so I know how it feels. It’s also happened to clients who end up on my doorstep because they want to get the “cliffhanger” dealt with once and for all. Instead of saying “see you next week, that’s all we have time for”, I’ll custom craft a unique and tailor-made solution for what you’re facing right there, in the session that uses your unique strengths and innate talents.

It will also be something you can easily duplicate at home and because it’s built on what you naturally do best, it will be easy as pie to implement when you’re really in need of help.

I’ll never let you leave half-done, upset or out of phase. You’ll be good to go by the time we end session, each and every  time.

I will Stand for you – AND for the precious Dream you have, even on the occasional bad days when you’ve forgotten how important it is. Even if you think you can’t or you’ll never get there. You’ll get there, and we’ll bust the “can’t and never” together.

That’s a promise.

I Stand For You. And nothing you can say will make me believe that you are anything but a Powerful Creator who holds the keys to the Universe.

Trying to get a “turnaround”, to ditch self-sabotage or launch a business for Social Good and just don’t know how…or need support? I’ve got your back.

Facing the abyss where you’ve no alternative but to change or die trying? That’s a scary, lonely place, but you are NOT alone. I’ve re-created myself many times, transforming the pain and debility of a broken back and paralysis, a miserable marriage to an alcoholic, growing and selling three successful businesses, both parents deaths, losing over a hundred pounds, and business retooling.It’s left me with a lot of tools and process to get you where you want to be, smarter and faster.

It would be my honor to help you successfully transform your challenges into a joyous New Business and New You

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