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LYLA-tinyThe 3-DVD set Love Your Life Again (ISBN #0-9761085-5-0)  features Maryam in Paris at a charming Parisian grandmother’s house, with her in-town energy psychology community. Princes, princesses, and freedom of flight result as you learn ETHOS first hand.

In DVD 1, you’ll explore the underpinnings of falling out of love with your life and learn how to turn it around with the 12 Keys To Bliss.

In DVD 2, the secrets of Maryam’s Certified Energy Coaches (including live, in-pajamas AM/PM Energy Hygiene routines) are shared for the first time to the public, forming a compact mental and emotional energy management program.

In DVD 3, you’ll experience Maryam’s madcap ride through Paris, the full ETHOS Method class, “when the ash-cloud spewed” during the eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull, and the bonus featurette, “Deux Musees du Paris”.


12-Keys-SmallEarlier works in the same vein include: The Twelve Keys To Bliss CD
(ISBN# 0-9761085-4-2) -which contains twelve audio journeys through each of the Bliss Blockers and guides you through how to employ each of the Bliss Keys to eliminate them. A bonus “Emergency 911!” track helps out when you’re in immediate upset.


edb_coverxsmEveryday Bliss For Busy Women (ISBN# 1-57224-567-9), was Maryam’s first mass-marketed book by a major publisher (New Harbinger) to highlight energy therapies for the women’s spa and alternative healing center market. An Amazon Best Seller in Self-Help books, Everyday Bliss is also available from the publisher, translated into Mandarin Chinese.

EDB-Chinese-and-English-blogThe Everyday Bliss signature five-minute AM Energizers and PM Harmonizer “energy hygiene” routines are what keep Maryam and her Energy Coaches strong, healthy and with a notable lack of illness when all others are catching every cold and virus out there.

These and a set of other very easy to implement practices are highlighted in the book, with the 12 Keys to Bliss and a guided self-coaching program, to ease you back into a wonderful life. It’s been on women’s “must-have” lists for several years now, available at



With 19 other EFT masters, Maryam co-authored Freedom At Your Fingertips (ISBN #0972767134), which highlighted Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Technique, soup to nuts, with each chapter written by a master of the technique in that area.

Maryam wrote the coaching chapter covering how to use EFT to deal with Blockages and Obstacles to success and productivity. Other ways to approach problems tend to be successful for their novelty to our system. EFT Tapping is one such novel way to introduce change gently but firmly into your life.


qfbookiconfinalQuantum Flow Bioenergetics: Be Your Own Healer (ISBN# 0-9761085-3-4) – was the first-ever book to highlight all the recent new energy therapies in 2004, bringing them to public attention beyond the realm of psychotherapy and the alternative healing milieu. This is a classic, available now as an ebook only by request from the author.

You’ll find here some of the branches and twigs of the energy therapy world no longer mentioned, but still sound and useful techniques worthy of study. Written for the general population, and of great use to the therapist and specialist.