*** The 3 Most Important Business Questions To Ask Yourself ***

*** The 3 Most Important Business Questions To Ask Yourself ***

I’m sharing powerful life and business-changing lessons in my free FB Mastermind “The Changing Woman Café” (we’re in a cafe, as the winds of change depend on good cups of tea as well as food). Here’s the first part of one of the “Smack My Head – Of Course!” lessons from this week. To read the rest you’ll need to join us but it’s free, it’s all-women and you get real answers there – I make sure of it. Oh and if it’s Wednesday – join us for the Hump Day Helper Livecast at 12 noon, Pacific /3pm ET! 😉


I’ve been re-reading Tara Gentile’s “Quiet Power Strategy”. Grab a cup of tea and dig in with me – there’s a huge lesson here for us all.

If you’re a bit of an introvert, someone who has mad skills and talents that don’t fit neatly into a box, or you just need to do it your way, you’ll love “Quiet Power”. It asks two important questions that have guided me, but in the kind of work I do with my clients and myself, I’ve found there’s another, even more important.

The two important business orienteering questions Tara asks are:

* What do I want to Create?
* How do I want to Connect?

BUT…an even more important question to ask BEFORE these is:

* How do I want to Feel?

Asking “How do I want to feel?” is beginning with the end in mind.

Here’s why that’s important…

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