What We Do

We’re not like other online coaching & therapy sites

It’s not just chat. We teach you a complete toolbox of cutting edge techniques from kinesiology, acupressure and the human potential movement to take charge of your life and business.

You get all the support and tools you need to be happier, healthier, more effective and focused, using the near-magical tools of Energy Coaching (including Maryam Webster’s own ETHOS Method) that use the body’s meridian and other energy systems to clear up historical traumas, add energy back into your day, make you more stress resilient and stress-proof every area of your life.

First we’ll make a thorough assessment of what areas of your life or business need help.

Then we prioritize your life and business goals

Next we teach you our cutting-edge AM/PM Energy Hygiene routines to start infusing good clean energy back into your body, mind and life. You’ll use this simple set of exercises every day to increase your immunity, become trauma resistant, eliminate negativity and sharpen focus.

We’ll clear up historical traumas next, and restore integrity to your personal history by empowering you at all the crux points of your life that worked to undermine your confidence and effectiveness.

You’ll continue working on your personal issues while now, your business or other entrepreneurial project is brought in, and the issues blocking your productivity, abundance and flow.

Working both sides of your life, we tie up the loose ends and leave you empowered, healthy and happy again.