What We Do

Hi there, my name is Maryam Webster.

I’m a Freedom Fighter, Fear Slayer, Luck Spinner
& Truth Guide for passionately opinionated women.

Women who long at midlife to ditch the boring and mundane, don a Wonder Woman suit and save the world. Or some piece of it that you deeply care about .

And you’d be doing that if it weren’t for fear of what the hell is going to happen next, “can I do it at my age?”, “does “X” mean I’m getting old?”, and a ton of other things that stop you cold. Or it’s beliefs about what you think you can and can’t, should or shouldn’t do getting in the way. When you have mad skills, years of experience and a resume that makes head hunters swoon.

And more than anything, you just want to stop the world, sit down with an understanding fairy godmother, have a good cry about the physical changes, head fuzz and how topsy turvy the world has gotten, drink a cup of tea, and be given a hug and a magic cookie to make it all better.

I’m not a fairy godmother, but I am considered magical, and have pioneered methods that really DO “make it all better”.

I don’t have any fix-it-all cookies, but I do have magical tools that will tell you where you’ve been out of alignment in your business, client focus and marketing, and how to be at ease, with grace and joy in your Life Changing business, by being in alignment with your True Self while putting your own magic out in the world, and how to make a handsome profit while doing it.

You might go to lots of people to get similar training, but you won’t get the one thing that you need, to make such training work. You won’t get the Deep Transformation and Inner Change work that gets you out of your own way so you CAN be successful. (finally)

We make sure you get that here, and go much, much further at Every Woman Changes than just magical marketing training.

With a background of over thirty years in alchemical emotional and mental state transformation, limiting-belief busting and  will also sit with you, offer the broadest, strongest shoulder in the world, and every magical tool in my bag to help you flat bust where you’re holding yourself back. I’ll also help you by  installing a power pack of inner resources that are consistently supportive, don’t let you give in to fear, and double-pump your own super-powers.

I’ll also share a time-tested plan to make it through the treacherous and unsteady footing of midlife to shine like the crazy diamond you truly are.

I’ll be right beside you every step of the way and I’ll show you what your unique Compelling Archetype is that will super-power your marketing, enrollment and client service and retention efforts.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for you to pick up the lost threads of your life – the life you really wanted, but never got to have. It’s time to take all you learned, the gift that you are and all your mad skills and passions and roll them out there like you never could before. Because now, you have the time, the money, and the need to Get. Things. Done. And finally have that second life you always wanted.

“…That life you always wanted, but between doing what others told you was your proper work (perhaps it was a corporate job, or maybe changing diapers and ferrying kids to soccer practice and supporting your partner) – you never got to have. Now is the time.”

You’ve reached midlife – and maybe even the rut that can go with it. You’re startled to be marginalized and are beginning to feel invisible out in the world, particularly with younger colleagues.

Your business, your relationship, or your career have you stuck in a pattern of mundane routine and dullness, but you feel deep in your bones that you’re destined for more. The only problem is you’re not quite sure how to get from where you are now to the next level of greatness in your life.

We End That Here.

I’m Maryam Webster – and I use the most cutting edge and arcane technology you ever experienced to help you break through the barriers standing in your way to find the life of meaning you want, need and deserve.

I’m using both tools from neuropsychology, ancient bioenergy pathway modification and the latest high performance tools to easily move blockages out of your way. And it works, I can tell you that. I used the same tools and techniques to make myself walk again following paralysis (you can read my story here)

I work with women who are already successful, with thriving businesses or enviable corporate careers, to become an even greater force by finding ways to nurture your endeavors to help heal the world.

If you’re searching for greater meaning or to give back, you’re in the right place. Whether it’s getting the resources and courage together to quit your job to founding your own charity or non-profit to infusing your business with the power to make more of a difference with a social cause, I’m your gal.

You’re already ambitious, fearless, and a force to be reckoned with – now you can get the guidance you need during your best years to make life happen on your terms.

So many women were raised with limitations on our time, our career, and our abilities. Maybe you put your children, partner, or family ahead of your needs and interests for most of your life. Maybe you were told you could never be something because of time, money, or education.

But now you’re in the prime of life. You have the experience, education, and wisdom. You can push past the limitations and live the life of meaning you were put here for.

And I’d love to help you do it!

Life needs you too much right now. Let’s make your passion sing!

If this sounds like you, Book a Changing Woman Breakthrough session with me here. We’ll talk, you’ll tell me what you want to do and what’s stopping you, and we’ll work on a plan to get you free.

Sound good? Let’s Connect.