Work With Me

Sweet! You made it to this page! I’d love to work with you if it’s a fit for us both. The fact that you’re here reading, means you’re interested in taking your Leadership and Transformative skills interstellar.

*Awesome*, that’s what I’m all about!

Partnering with a mentor who’s been there before, knows where you’re going, and can give you quantum leap support is essential to moving you AND your community forward.

I would LOVE to be that mentor for you.

I help Evolutionary Leaders like you, who are ACTIVELY working with a tribe or community through a body of work such as books, videos, products, programs, an online community, or offline venue, and are passionate about what you do with your people.

You bring the willingness, elbow grease, the sweat and the passion, and I’ll bring my thirty-five years experience in business, psychology, the transformative arts and technology into laser focus on your tribe’s unique issues.

Here are some of the issues I can help you with:


Positioning Your Business

● Correctly articulating your Value and Benefits to your Ideal People

● Finding the unique community you’re meant to serve and love being with

● Deepening your Expert position even further using social media and other online tools

● Positioning your programs, products & services to serve larger, more profitable audiences

● Positioning to work exclusively with clients you love, who value & appreciate your contribution


Leveraging What You Already Have To Create Profit

● Learning to apply your unique “ninja skills” as huge profit centers

● Discovering where you’re “leaving money on the table” and  creating profit-capture systems

● Leverage your own Signature Program or System – updating old programs or creating a new one from scratch

● Work less while increasing profits, often overnight

● Make the work you already offer deeper, and more long lasting


Mentoring on “Best Ways” to do things and What NEVER TO DO

● Best ways to motivate, inspire & transform your community

● Best software and technology to use creating online communities

● Best places to go for help when you need it (and the counter-intuitive piece on where NOT to ask)

● Best practices in connecting with partners who will expand your reach and bank account (and who to avoid so you don’t get taken advantage of)

● Best strategies to turn community whiners into cheerleaders & happy campers (and Worst Case Scenarios on how to deal with those who don’t Play Nice)

● Best ways to find and manage the Dream Team who gets it all done for you (and who NEVER to hire)

● Best ways to maximize your global impact while minimizing drain on you (with lots of treats in your day and week that GIVE you Energy)

● Best troubleshooting options for problems that can crop up as your community grows


Leadership Skills Development

● Go from being a one-on-one Transformer, to a true Evolutionary Leader of many

● Apply your own “secret sauce” to motivate and inspire tribe members

● Collaborating in community management to ease your involvement

● Creating proto-leaders in your tribe and the Developmental pathway

● Working with corporations and and large groups


You’ll get the BEST Results if:

● You’ve done enough personal development work to know who you are and what you want out of life. You’re moving on purposefully into your life and into playing a Much Bigger Game.

● You know what your Grand Passion is, and you’re on your way to fulfilling it…though we can definitely work on that if you’re almost-but-not-quite there.

● You have a HUGE message you’re getting out through a body of work – you may have written books, authored DVDs, a blog, online or offline community.

● Your passion to help occasionally makes life difficult, and you wish you had someone who “knows the ropes” to advise you of the best next steps to take.

● Your tribe identifies you as a Leader (rather than you sticking the label on yourself) and you already have a following of loyal fans.


This is the kind of life I’ve created for myself, and I love showing other professionals how to do the same. If the above sounds familiar, you might just be the kind of Evolutionary Leader I do my best work with.


You might be facing the following types of problems:

● You need guidance on understanding how and when to market your offers

● You need to know what to do next to brand yourself as the Expert to Go To in your profession

● You might be wondering how to find more Ideal Clients, or how best (and fastest) to grow your community 

● You need to have your passion put more money in your pocket

● You want more juice out of life, more time to yourself, at the spa, to be able to take the kids to Disneyland or grab a getaway to wine country or Bali with your sweetie. And you need to have the freedom to do that whenever you want

I’ve been where you stand and I’ve broken through to the a life I love that supports me uniquely well.

I support Professionals like you in your quest for both community and personal evolution. I enjoy the heck out of sharing with you the super magic ninja skills to transform your tribe just by being in the room…and more.

If you like having fun, you’ll love how we put the rocket booster on the good mojo you already have, and help you create even more raving fans for your Big Important Message and the work that you do. And the profits to support you and your family uniquely well.

But you’ve got to be willing to sweat, to work outside your comfort zone and…


We’ll Close Those Gaps For You

We create kick-ass processes that will thrill, wow and catapult your fans, followers or membership to higher levels, deal with the trouble-spots lickety-split, and generally pamper the heck out of your hardworking self.

And stuff your bank account.

And get your feet rubbed for you. Just kidding on that last, though you’ll be able to afford as many massages as you want.

That’s a very, very short list. But…it can be as interstellar a quantum leap as you are ready for.


Let me deeply customize a coaching package, just for You

Because you are a custom package of needs, background and gaps that need to be closed, it’s not possible to give you a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all list of packages and prices.

I custom-fit ALL my coaching solutions, so I need to know about YOU to know how best I can help you. To start we’ll have a 30 minute Breakthrough conversation where I can learn about you, create a plan to get you where you want to go, and take things from there.


A Bit More About Me…

Since 1998, I’ve coached thousands of professionals to fulfill their business & personal goals. 

I’ve also shared my expertise with hundreds of thousands of people online, at in-person and online events, radio, tv and print media.

My years in industrial, or business psychology in the corporate world, give me depth experience in what makes people buy products and how best to construct websites, sales pages and product descriptions, etc.

With that experience under my belt, I can guide you towards strategies that work – not just theory, but proven practices that monetize.

One thing though.

Your Breakthrough conversation is not a free coaching session. You’ll get relevant resources as I think of them in the moment, but you won’t get all your problems solved – that’s not what it’s meant to do. This Breakthrough session is a diagnostic interview that helps me understand if you’re a fit for what I bring to the table, and if I’m the person you’re looking for. If so, we look at what resources and systems I can best leverage to help you. If this all sounds right by you, then hit the button at the bottom of this page – do it!